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Our Mission

We are a community learning to love God and love people with everything we have and then live this out everywhere we go.

Our Foundation

The Bible: We believe the Bible is our ultimate authority for life. We also believe it is both our roadmap for finding and nurturing our life with God, and it is our instruction manual for living healthy, intentional, and effective lives with others.

Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God:  The message of the Kingdom of God is rooted in the vision of the Hebrew prophets and fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus.  In fact, Jesus began his ministry proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of God and continued until He returned to Heaven. We endeavor to become people that live in the tension of the already and not yet, and proclaim and demonstrate this good news everywhere we go, just like Jesus teaches.

Our Values

These are the characteristics that flavor everything we do...

Intimacy with Jesus: We want to be a community filled with people that are hungry to form a deep, interactive and life-changing relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Relationship:  We believe life is meant to be lived alongside others, so we put a high value on forming healthy and caring relationships with each other. 

Relevance: We want everything we do and say to be in touch with our current culture so that the good news of the Kingdom of God is clearly communicated.

Reality: We want our speech, manor, music, and architecture to be non-hyped, natural, and based in reality so that everyone has the same chance to experience the reality of Jesus.

Responsiveness: We want to be people that quickly respond to Jesus and his leading found in the Bible and through His Holy Spirit.

Mercy: We want to be people marked with deep compassion for others and a willingness to forgive, love, and serve everyone we meet.


Our Priorities

These are the things we do to accomplish our mission...

Worship: Authentic, Jesus-centered worship is our highest priority, involves our whole lives, and influences everything we do in life.

Live Spirit-Empowered Lives:  We will learn to form a dependent relationship on the Holy Spirit so that we can be filled and empowered to follow Jesus and carry out our mission. 

Small Groups: We will always promote small group environments where we form healthy friendships, grow closer to Jesus, and are empowered to change the world around us.

Make Disciples: We will be constantly learning to introduce people to Jesus and teach them to follow Him with their whole lives. 

Equip the Next Generation: We will always seek to raise our kids to know their value and worth, to know God’s deep love for them, and to know what they are created for.

Develop Servant Leaders: We will be a community that trains, equips, and releases leaders to serve and lead effectively in our community and throughout our region. 

Serve the Poor: We will love and serve the poor and marginalized in our city and region.
Plant Churches: We plan to plant multiple churches into our region and beyond.

Plant Churches: We plan to plant multiple churches into our region and beyond.

Vineyard Movement Core Beliefs & Values Booklet

This booklet will help answer some of your questions about the core beliefs and practices of the Vineyard church as a whole. We hope you enjoy the read!

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