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Places to Connect
Serving Teams
Serving Teams

Serving teams are great places to meet new people and serve others in our community. These teams serve once per month and are invited to attend a serving party a few times a year where we celebrate all that God is doing in our community. Our current teams are:

Hospitality Teams

These teams brew tea/coffee and set out food before our Sunday service and then clean up afterward.

Welcome Teams

These teams help create a welcoming environment and greet people that arrive on Sundays.

Sound Teams

These teams engineer the sound in our Sunday services and other environments.

Visuals Teams

These teams operate our visuals in our Sunday services and other environments.

Clean-Up Teams

These teams help clean the building after our Sunday services and other environments. 

Email us if you would like more information about these teams or you are interested in joining one!

Small Groups
Small Groups

Small Groups are great places to make new friends, grow closer to Jesus and learn to impact the world around us with God’s love. Our groups follow a really simple format.  We eat good food, have a discussion around a passage in the Bible, worship together, and pray for one another. These groups are lots of fun so feel free to come and take part in as little or as much as you like. We have new groups starting often so email us if you would like more information or are interested in joining one of these groups!

Adventure Kids
Adventure Kids

We are just as passionate about creating places for children to connect with Jesus and each other on a regular basis as we are with every other area in our church. Our teachers seek to teach and impart their lessons in fun, engaging, and creative ways because we want each child to have the chance to encounter the love of Jesus through age-appropriate prayer, worship, Bible lessons and meaningful interactions with their teachers and other children.  We provide environments for children that are between the ages of 1 year through to 5th grade.  If you would like to begin serving in one of our children's rooms, or you would like more information about Adventure Kids for your own children, please email us and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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